What goals do we want to archive?

The Open Badge ecosystem allows to use digital badges in multiple contexts and with different purposes. Each audience is unique and, in order to gain as much as we can from our badges’ system, we have to focus our attention on this audience, trying to get to know the people who will earn our badges, their characteristic as well as their expectations.

When designing a digital badges system, first of all we have to find out which are its goals:

  • do we want to push badges recipients to reach new outcome?
  • do we want to increase the visibility of our training courses and programs?
  • do we want to keep track of all the results achieved by our employees?
  • do we want a tool to differentiate roles and professional abilities in our Company?


We have to understand who we are developing the badges for, and we also have to ensure that these digital badges will be perceived having a real value for those who will earn them. It is also important to take in consideration how the badge will be seen, i.e. viewing it on a LinkedIn profile page or seeing it on a digital CV.