MY OPEN BADGE (MOB) ecosystem is a fully integrated environment which allows to create issue, show, and verify badge validity. Every Organization can use the tools within MOB to take care of digital badges’ management, from design to issue, as well as to show important projects which envisage badges use. On top of all this, the platform allows recipients to accept, collect and import badges, even issued by other platforms, and allows also users to create personal pages to display their competences in various ways – ‘e-Portfolio’.
Below: MY OPEN BADGE ecosystem.


Following the main steps for Badges management.

Badges Creation

Badge Issuing

Badges Collections

Badges Creation

The MOB platform provides a series of information and tools that simplify the graphic design and definition of the metadata to be included in the badge.
The result of the “creation” of the badge is the “Badge Class” which contains information such as the “name of the badge”, and which will then be used to issue the individual ‘Badge Assertions’ to those who meet the criteria defined for the badge release.
During the creation process it is possible to state Endorsments received as a Company or relating the Badge.

Badges Issuing

MOB allows Organizations to assign Badges to everyone who fulfills all mandatory requirements.
The platform allows the Issuer to release a single Assertion (assign to a person) or multiple Assertions using data from a .csv file or from a spreadsheet file.
MY OPEN BADGE offers APIs which allow external apps to arrange Assertions in an automated fashion.
Also in this phase it is possible to insert a Badge- assignment level Endorsment.

Badges Collection

One of MOB’s more interesting characteristics is the wide variety of functionalities provided to the badges’ earners.
In particular the personal area in MOB allows to manage one’s Backpack to collate all earned badges including those released by other platforms and e-Portfolio functions which allow to create one ore more personal pages to offer different representations of one’s abilities. In fact, the owner can customize each page, inserting – aside from the badges – different personal information in order to make it better suited in a specific context. For example, a user can post a personal page to display his skills and abilities in a professional field, while other pages could display achievements in sports and so on.
In this way recipients can manage their own badges collections, their visibility, and take the badges with them showing them on their own web pages or sharing them on social media.

Badge Verification

A key aspect for the credibility of all badging system is the ability to quickly and easily verify a badge’s validity.

MOB’s Badge Validator is a simple as well as publicly available tool to check all badges created following the Open Badge V.1 and V.2 standards issued by any standard Open Badge platform.

The standard API supplier by MOB platform can be used to verify Open Badges.